A wonderful gift is being given to the Ashland community.

This gift is found in the new documentary by David Carter called Paul G. Blazer, The Man Behind the Legend. The documentary will tell of the life and times of Blazer, who's name adorns the Ashland high school and who's legacy should last for generations to come given all the contributions Blazer has made to this area.

Carter himself is a name well known to Ashlanders. He grew up in the Flatwoods area and has produced a string of highly-regarded documentaries including Ashland's Field of Dreams and Postcards from Ashland. In his latest endeavor Carter tackles the life of Blazer. Most long-time residents of course know the basics of Mr. Blazer's story -- a man who played a historic role in the growth of the city by turning around a small refinery on the Big Sandy that turned into Ashland Oil and which is now the site of Marathon.

"He educated himself, being there 18 hours a day, talking to the guys doing the jobs," Carter said of Blazer's work to develop the refinery. "He became a student of refining, turned it around, and it wasn't too many years later they were on their way. They started expanding."

It was under Blazer's leadership that Ashland Oil became a Fortune 50 company. Blazer himself became a wealthy man who committed to giving back to Ashland and Eastern Kentucky.

"He did so many things quietly, saying 'Do not use my name,'" Carter said. "His grandfather was the same way."

Blazer was the man who helped make Kentucky Education Television (KET) possible through the construction of 13 transmitting towers throughout the state. He was also a man committed to equal rights, civic engagement and advocating for education.

We know more about this documentary than what we put in the paper. Let us just say we don't think you will be disappointed. Even those who know a lot about Blazer might be surprised at the level of detail and depth offered by Carter's works.

The documentary will serve as a fundraiser for the Paramount and the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center. We encourage you to check out the exhibit. We also strongly encourage you to enjoy this documentary which we see as a wonderful gift to the community.

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