Appetizing Ashland Area

Appetizing Ashland Area

“Welcome to Moe’s!” is a boisterous shout-out every time you enter Moe’s Southwest Grill at 115 6th Street in Ashland.

That simple phrase has engulfed the entire culture of the restaurant. In case you’re curious Moe’s stands for Musicians, Outlaws and Entertainers. They call themselves outlaws because they celebrate originality, beginning with the customer who can create whatever they’re craving with their 20-plus fresh ingredients each day.

Whether it’s burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos or burrito bowls, made exclusively the way you like them, you will never leave hungry. They also serve pico de gallo, seasonal salsas and good times made in house every day. As an added bonus you also enjoy free chips and salsa with every meal.

I have four talking points about my Moe’s experiences both in the past and present.

First point: If you ask me and many others I have talked to there unequivocally are no better chips served with their famous queso in the tri-state area than at Moe’s. They sell a ton of this unique queso each day. Doing a huge catering business this is probably first on their list. I have been to numerous meetings where Moe’s is the choice lunch menu and all guests agree ... you can’t get enough Moe’s.

Second: Their Homewrecker Burrito they love to say is GOAT (Guacamoliest of All Time.) This is their biggest and baddest burrito, served with your choice of protein and guac.

Third point: They offer a free salsa bar with four varieties, made fresh daily, where they like to brag that the proof is in the peppers, ranging from mild to insanely hot seasonal. I have never tried the insanely hot and don’t intend to. People who do hot peppers really proclaim their salsa top-shelf.

Fourth: My favorite is their homewrecker bowl served with either chicken or steak. I can easily do without the tortilla in choosing the bowl but go big on the other 20 ingredients. I always choose the brown rice, dark chicken (delicious), brown beans, queso, mild salsa, lots of cheese, fresh green peppers, lettuce and top it all off with the chipotle ranch dressing (what I love most). I grab chips and queso, a drink and head outside, weather permitting, to enjoy the lovely roofed-and-always-clean patio and chow down with friends and lively conversation.

I am also very content to enjoy my meal alone to regroup and refresh with some down time.

Just for kids are Moo Moo Mr. Cow, Power Wagon and Mini Masterpiece. Come in, bring the family, and see how much the kids will thank you as will your wallet.

There is also a Moe’s meal kit which feeds 4-6 adults.

I was told or read somewhere once that Moe’s is quick, quirky, fresh and good. It’s been here since 2002 and I see a prosperous neighbor and friend for a very long time. I for one certainly hope so. I think of myself as one lucky writer with leftovers for lunch.

Bon Appétit!

Norma Meek

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