Appetizing Ashland Area

Appetizing Ashland Area

Question: Where do you go for the best footlong hot dog and onion rings in the Tri-State?

Answer: Hands down, it’s Crisp’s Dairy Treat every time.

A parent confessed to me the other day that when her two children visit from college they make a stop at Crisp’s, at 1216 Ky. Route 716 in Summit, before coming home.

This family-owned business has been around since 1960 — 61 years, as a matter of fact. Started by a dad and his two sons, it is now owned by one of those sons — Raymond Crisp — and his son. Raymond was a respected leader in the county even as a young man and was voted President of his freshman, sophomore and senior classes at Boyd County High School.

Today, when everything is drive-thru and convenience rules, not one person complains when they have to leave their cars to order at the window, get a number, return to their car, wait for the number to be called, and then leave their car once more to pick up the order. Crisp’s is well worth it, and you can tell by the constant abundance of cars on the lot, many from out of state, that this family-owned business is doing something right. Sadly, though, they are now closed on Tuesday and sometimes there’s a limited menu due to lack of workers, and Raymond confesses that employees used to stay a long time — one 43 years, and another 24 years, but those days are gone. He has never seen it where you couldn’t find applicants until now.

Other favorites are their perfectly dressed double cheeseburger or their ham and cheese. They sell an abundance of just sauce dogs as their homemade sauce is just the perfect blend of savory spices and ingredients. Kids as well as adults love their corn dogs, and it’s difficult to just eat one.

The fall season is quickly arriving and that means their famous chili and vegetable soup — seasonal items — will soon be added to the menu. I can hardly wait. Nancy Wheeler, an amazing cook in the kitchen, loves their vegetable soup but I love, love, love their chili. 

But I want to talk about their ice cream.  On a warm summer evening, you can hardly find a parking place on the lot and people visit while waiting in line for one of those large refreshing tangerine twist ice cream cones, definitely one of their best-selling desserts.  

A new flavor this year, which I recommend highly, is their cinnamon brown sugar ice cream. It is not soft serve, but it is positively delightful to the palate. I have the inside scoop that very soon the tangerine twist will have a rival to deal with. It’s called the banana strawberry twist. Now, all you ice cream fanatics — I being one — dream about that new flavor tonight. Soon, race to Crisp’s and then across the road to Armco Park to eat, relax, savor the food and take in the beauty of the great outdoors in our hometown. 

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