Satisfy your stomachs and feast your eyes on this column.

Going forward, the Monday edition of The Daily Independent will feature this piece penned by an anonymous person in our area who happens to enjoy supporting local eateries and informing our readers of what each of these special spots has to offer.

We will refrain from calling this mystery patron a “critic.” He or she is more of a food-and-drink connoisseur who wants to make everyone aware of the numerous, high-quality Ashland area dining options.

This undisclosed figure will spontaneously visit tri-state restaurants and base his or her assessment on the following categories: uniqueness, variety on the menu, value, presentation, customer service and atmosphere, among some other potential criteria.

The aim of this weekly column is to convince you, the reader, to size up the wide selection of good eats and treats that could be at your fingertips — or on your fork — within a reasonable driving distance.

Come back next week to check out the lucky first location! 


Reach AARON SNYDER at or (606) 326-2664. 

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