Ashland Area Tool Library

Shannon Hill helps load a lawn mower into Kendall Arthur's truck recently in Ashland. Photo by Julianna Leach/ The Daily Independent.

We continue our focus on the positives of Ashland this Sunday with an editorial about some more very impressive philanthropy in our city.

Yesterday we wrote about some local students giving a helping hand to area seniors at the Ashland Senior Center. Today we focus on some more heroic kindness in the form of the Ashland Area Tool Library. If you missed our story on Friday, the tool library is the creation of Ashland resident Shannon Hill. The tool library takes being a good neighbor to the next level with HIll making tools available for those who need them in a pressing situation.

Hill started the tool loan program after a local church asked him to put together a tool belt for someone starting a construction job.

“I thought, you know what, I’ve got all these tools sitting here and I just don’t use them much anymore,” said Hill, who is a board member of the charitable non-profit Build Ashland. “I’ll just start letting other people use them, like a good neighbor.”

In the two years he has been doing this he has not lost any tools of consequence and he has not missed giving a tool to someone because someone else was late in returning a tool.

“That is amazing to me,” said Hill.

Reporter Julianna Leach tells us the majority of his tools came from building houses for over 20 years. Now, he has had anonymous donners give the library lawn mowers, weed eaters, a leaf blower and more.

Hill is well known in charitable circles in Ashland. He's a regular participant in Build Ashland’s Repair Fair and the Back to School Cleanup Bash and Pool Party.

“Some people play golf for a hobby,” said Hill. “Mine is helping people out and I enjoy it.”

Is there anything more impressive than this? In a society where it is increasingly all about looking out for one's self, Mr. Hill looks out for others. On this Sunday we focus on the positive of this community and say thank you to Mr. Hill for your kindness, generosity and commitment to community.

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