ASHLAND Though the thermostat might say different, fall is just around the corner.

Before long, it’ll be time to pack away the shorts and flip-flops in favor of some warmer threads.

A Boutique, located at 1616 Carter Avenue, is one of a few locally owned shops in Ashland for women to update their wardrobe for 2020’s fall trends.

Owner Carolyn Runyon said green and gray are in this year, but old staples like black aren’t going anywhere either.

“Black is always in because it’s so slimming,” Runyon said.

Runyon opened the shop with her daughter in 1992, when they bought the house in August of that year. Shortly after the purchase, they went to New York City and bought some clothes for sale. Soon after their November opening, Runyon said they were sold out.

“We were surprised, but we learned,” Runyon said. “Our regular customers like to say we’re a ‘fashion and faith’ shop. If you have a problem and need some prayer, you can come in here and get some prayer. Then we can get you into an outfit for whatever it is you have to go through.”

Runyon added, “God has truly blessed us here.”

Thanks to COVID-19, Runyon said she experienced a few lean months, with the shop shuttered from March to May. Though she had a few orders coming in from customers, Runyon said she was taking in more inventory than what was going out the door.

Anyone who’s worked retail knows that’s not a good thing.

But, the store persisted and following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, Runyon said she saw a marked increase in sales.

And it’s not just in Ashland; Runyon said she recently sold a few dresses to a woman in Washington, D.C.

“Every time she comes home, she loves to come here,” Runyon said. “This year she asked for a few small dresses and we sent them up there to her.”

A Boutique is open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The shop is also on Facebook.

Runyon also offered the following tips for this fall’s fashions:

• Pink is going to be big throughout the fall into the winter. Not a lot of pink, but a blazer gives a little bit of tasteful color to an ensemble.

• Pearls are going to be big as well. Runyon said the Brighton line, which her shop carries, has gray pearls out to match the season’s outfits. In addition to pearls, the shop carries Brighton purses and shoes.

• Plaid jackets are fashionable as well, especially if they’re gray.

• A long, knee length sweater can go a long way with a pair of straight pants — Runyon noted skinnier cuts are starting to fall out of favor — and a scarf.

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