The Boyd County fiscal court approved $272,598 in road aid on Tuesday to the unincorporated community of Westwood. Rachel Adkins | The Daily Independent

CATLETTSBURG The Boyd County Fiscal Court approved $272,598 in road aid on Tuesday to the unincorporated community of Westwood and its outlying areas.

Boyd County Treasurer Patricia Ball said $95,163 will go to the community with $177,434 dedicated to the outlying areas.

The funding from the state was sent to the county with a designation to go to the community. Ball said the county usually receives all road funding together, noting this is the first time the state has sent the funding for Westwood separately. The county's overall road aid budget, excluding the funds to Westwood, is $701,120.

Boyd County Judge Executive Eric Chaney said the Westwood funding can be used for blacktop, sidewalks, potholes and other areas including beautification.

“The government's going to do their part, we're going to do our part in helping Westwood ... so this is very exciting,” said Chaney.

Chaney said he and other members of the court will be attending a Westwood HELP (Helping Environment Loving People) meeting next Saturday at 9 a.m. at Fairview High School to hear from community members on how they would like the money to be spent. The group was started by resident Tammi Stevens Conley a few months ago with the intent to physically improve the community.

Both Conley and group member Suzanne Barker Griffith attended the fiscal court meeting this past week where they expressed their appreciation for the funding.

“I am just so happy that this happened. Our area needs some improvement and now we'll have some funds to be able to do that with so I am beyond happy,” said Barker Griffith.

Barker Griffith also passed out a packet to the court that included the group's top issues of concern in Westwood including improvements to sidewalks, tear down or cleanup of abandoned or condemned properties, addressing code violations and proposing a sheriff's office be located in the community.

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