ASHLAND State Sen. Robin Webb introduced a bill Tuesday to further regulate transportation of solid waste to Kentucky landfills.

Webb, D-Grayson, introduced similar legislation last year.

Big Run Landfill in Boyd County has caused controversy for odor problems and the way it imports garbage via rail from northeast U.S. states like New York and New Jersey.

The landfill’s corporate owners, EnviroSolutions Inc., recently decided to completely divest its rail assets and will stop all garbage intake via rail by the end of June.

But the trains servicing Big Run Landfill have also been known to consist of leaky containers and odorous gas plumes.

Though Webb’s bill did not pass last year during the short session of the General Assembly, she is trying again to add certain stipulations for rail-transported garbage in order “to limit and control odors and emissions from landfills,” according to language in the bill.

Webb’s bill seeks to add requirements for transporting municipal solid waste to prevent leaks, emissions and access to wastes by pests.

The bill also would prohibit a transfer station or waste disposal facility from receiving wastes not transported in compliance with the no-leak provisions; require the Energy and Environment Cabinet to study wastes containing hydrogen sulfides and provide a report or update as part of the annual solid waste report to the Legislative Research Commission and the governor.

By amending current statute, the bill would also allow the cabinet to modify, revoke, abate and control for odor. If a landfill has three or more state-issued Notice of Violations, the cabinet could add conditions to permits pertaining to the intake of materials containing hydrogen sulfides.

To keep track of what is brought into a landfill, the bill would require a manifest accompany the solid waste, which would describe the type of waste or wastes containing hydrogen sulfides and require that the waste be transported in compliance with leak-proof containment.

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