LOAD Local emergency services responded to an accident early Sunday morning on St. Rt. 827, Coal Branch Road, near Rt. 7 in Greenup.

“The call came in around 7:14 a.m.,” said Load Fire Department Chief Garth Wireman. “It was a two-vehicle accident with injuries, and there was one subject trapped in the vehicle.

“Lt. Jordan Madden was the first on the scene,” Wireman said. “He discovered there was a female trapped in her vehicle, and she was complaining of knee pain. Once the fire department arrived on the scene, they were able to take a back-board and extricate her from the vehicle.”

Chief Wireman said the Lloyd Fire Department responded to the call as well, assisting efforts.

“We are all volunteer departments,” Wireman said. “And we help each other. With the aid of a rope system the Lloyd department has, we were able to pull the woman out the creek, where her vehicle had come to a stop, on its side.”

In addition to being in the creek, the vehicle was also wedged against a tree, Wireman said. The woman was transported to the hospital for treatment, but Wireman said there were no life-threatening injuries apparent.

“Thankfully, the injuries were not as serious as they could have been,” Wireman said.

The other vehicle involved in the accident was a “side by side” UTV, Wireman said. No passengers in that vehicle were injured. No names were released, but Chief Wireman said that family members had been notified.

First responders included the Load Fire Department, Lloyd Fire Department, City of Greenup Police, Greenup County Sheriff’s Office, Portsmouth Ambulance and Town Hill wrecker service. Traffic was disrupted for approximately 30 minutes, Wireman said.

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