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Matt Jones | The Daily Independent Voters fill in their ballots at Catlettsburg Senior Center on Tuesday.

The timeline has adjusted for the official vote count from the primary election in some counties.

Boyd County will have a certified tally by Monday, according to Boyd County Clerk Susan Campbell. Carter County will be counting votes after the clerk’s office closes on Monday. Greenup County will be finalize its total by Tuesday.

Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods said the election board would check the votes on Monday because of additional mail-in ballots postmarked by June 23.

Boyd County saw a little more than 4,000 in-person voters on Election Day. There were 7,200 absentee ballots requested in the county. Woods said 5,100 absentee ballots were returned last week and 1,200 were processed on Friday.

The turnout for the election was up by 30% in Greenup County, according to Greenup County Clerk Pat Hieneman. She believes the cards the state mailed out reminding citizens of the election produced a bigger turnout.

Greenup County had 2,800 in-person votes.

The county sent out 6,800 ballots and received 5,922. Some of the mail-in ballots have not been put into the computer system because they are waiting for the ballots postmarked on Election Day.

“Considering how many changes we had and all the differences with a normal election for us, it went OK,” said Heineman.

Carter County had a total of 5,242 voters in this year’s primary election. That number is the total as of the night before Election Day. It includes walk-in votes and absentee ballots.

The county will be counting the extra mail-in ballots after the office closes on Monday and will have the official numbers to release.

“I know the mail ballots were unbelievable,” said Carter County Clerk Mike Johnston. “We had a lot of walk-ins coming in Olive Hill and Grayson. We didn’t do real good at the polls, but the last presidential election in 2016, we had 2,900 votes. That’s a lot more voters in this one.”

Johnston said he is glad more people voted this year.

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