Aaron Lawson

Arron Lawson.

A trial date has been set for Arron Lawson, who is charged in the quadruple murder case that took place in Pedro, Ohio.

A preliminary hearing was held in the Lawrence County Common Pleas Court Friday with presiding Judge Andrew Ballard.

Lawson was escorted into the courtroom, un-cuffed, dressed in a light blue dress shirt and khaki colored slacks with a shaved beard and head, a stark difference from any previous appearances.

"Both parties have agreed" to set the trial date for August 6, 2018, Ballard said. He added that a procedural pretrial teleconference will be held December 11 and the final pre-trial hearing will be held June 26, 2018 at 10 a.m.

Lawson's finalized counsel was addressed. He will be represented by Assistant Public Defender Kirk McVay and Attorney Gene Meadows.

Judge Ballard granted funds to allow the defense to bring in a psychologist to be a consultant on the case and ordered all matters of discovery "be sealed until further notice."

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