Jonathan Fredrick

ASHLAND Jonathan Fredrick is celebrating the release of his second audio book, Hum Little Birdie, released through Audible. The book is the second installment in the Cain City Series, and the Huntington native said he is planning three to five more books in the series featuring lead character Nick Malick.

“The books are crime noir,” Fredrick said. “And the stories are pretty dark, with some language.”

Fredrick grew up in Huntington, and the books are loosely based around the streets he grew up on as a child and young man, but with a darker twist to give them a somewhat classic detective feel reminiscent of Chandler and Spillane. But the dark and twisted streets of Cain City are much more dangerous than the streets Fredrick remembers.

A Georgetown College graduate, Frederick moved to Los Angeles to pursue his interests in acting and directing. In those fields he is known for “The Scenic Route,” “The Hatfields and McCoys” and “Love in Our Time.” But Fredrick said he always had a passion for writing, and had been interested in writing and storytelling for as long as he can remember. The goal, he said, was to create something that moved people.

“It is a lot of work,” Fredrick said. “It isn’t something you can do just for the money. You have to be drawn to it; it has to be something you can’t not do. And you have to remember that it is the work itself that is what’s fun.”

Both of Fredrick’s books are available exclusively as audio books on Audible, but he hopes to release print editions in the future.

“Audible has been wonderful,” Fredrick said. “And the narrator Ari Fliakos is amazing at bringing the story to life.”

Fredrick said he hoped to bring something of a dual perspective to the stories. Listeners from the Tri-State will have no trouble spotting local habits, mannerisms and modes of speech in the stories; but Fredrick said the move to L.A. has given him something of an outsider’s perspective as well. “Anyone who enjoys crime and noir will like these books,” he said.

Fredrick lives in Columbus, but said the Los Angeles connection is still open. He’s working on a coming-of-age novel and developing a true crime television show, and, of course, the Cain City series is always brewing. He regularly updates his author site ( to let his fans know what is on the horizon.

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