ASHLAND — Time is ticking down to find a way out with Tri-State Escape Breakout Games.

With three different themed rooms and 60 minutes on the clock, residents will soon be able to try their best to escape a captain’s curse, a horrifying motel room or break out of jail in downtown Ashland as the Tri-State Escape has a sneak preview this weekend.

While Tri-State Escape will have its official grand opening Friday, residents can get a sneak peek inside the new businesses and try to escape this weekend.

“It’s been a process, but most of the rooms are ready, and we are excited to start booking rooms,” co-owner Megan Pigman said. “We have worked really hard to make the rooms as realistic to the theme as possible.”

Since attending several escape rooms in other areas, Pigman and the other co-owners decided they wanted to try to bring the fun and excitement to Ashland. After securing a location, the owners went to work transforming the bare-bones building into Tri-State Escape.

“We found the perfect location, right across from the Paramount (Arts Center), and did a lot of the work ourselves,” Pigman said. “We really love how it has turned out. It’s our labor of love.”

Residents who are up for the challenge will soon be able to choose from three rooms with different themes and storylines.

In the pirate-themed room, escapees have been taken captive as prisoners aboard a pirate ship when it is suddenly bombarded with cannon balls launched by the British army. The ship quickly catches fire and doesn’t have much time before it goes under. The problem: escapees are shackled and locked in the slaves hold with no plan of escape.

For people looking for a scarier escape room, Room 13 promises to give anyone the creeps by checking into the room at the Crimson Lake Motel. Looking around, it appears as though the previous guest never checked out. Calls to the front desk go unanswered and the door will not open.

Another room with the theme of a prison breakout is also set to open soon.

“We have the two rooms ready to go, and hope to have the prison room ready by the official grand opening,” Pigman said.

Game players will have 60 minutes in both rooms to work as a team to try to find clues and escape.

“We came up with our themes just by sharing ideas and choosing the right ones,” Pigman said. “We have heard the community is really excited and we are excited to finally open.”

Prices to book a room are $25 per person and each room can have up to eight members.To book a room, visit Tri-State Escape is at 1327 Winchester Ave.

(606) 326-2654|