Greenup EMS

Tax board members Ron Simpson of Russell and Carlos Holbrook of Raceland walk through the ambulance bay at the Flatwoods station on Monday, June 3.

FLATWOODS – Calls are being answered by E911 and ambulances dispatched immediately, just as always, despite Greenup EMS closing on Friday, May 31.

The agency, which has had a contract with the tax district board for decades, gave notice in April that it was shutting down. The tax district board advertised for companies interested in bidding for the contract; those bids were opened Thurday with the contract awarded at a later called meeting.

Two other ambulance companies are authorized by the state to provide service in Greenup County. One is Portsmouth Ambulance, which as a station in the South Shore area, and the other is Patriot Ambulance, which is based in Ironton. Patriot recently purchased MTS, and operates in the county through that former company’s certificate.

After Greenup EMS closed operations in Flatwoods and Greenup, Patriot stationed ambulances at the Greenup Fire Department to cover calls.

Ambulance service in the county has been a concern for the fiscal court for a long time. A committee was recently appointed to look at the situation.

Members of the ambulance tax district gathered at the Flatwoods station on Monday, June 3, to do a walk-through.

“We’re just seeing what’s here and what needs to be done,” board president Ron Simpson, mayor Russell said, as the board members inspected the property.

The tax district owns the Flatwoods station but not the one that was used in Greenup.

The current coverage will continued until after the tax district board has a chance to look over the bids and award the contract. When the new company will begin providing service to those in the tax district isn’t known and won’t be until after the board’s decision is made.