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Kentucky Christian University in Grayson is the home of the Yancy School of Nursing. Carol Brickey, the school Dean, said the school accepted its first students in 2002, and has been perfecting its program since that time. Currently the school is running at around half capacity, which means there are open seats for the fall of 2020. Brickey said that prospective students will need to fulfill freshman requirements such as anatomy and physiology. They will need an ACT score of 21 or higher, and must have completed 30 hours of study.

“If the students complete their freshman year of study, that should satisfy the 30 hours,” Brickey said. Students are also expected to have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

 The school helps its students with job placement both during and after their program, but Brickey said there is always a need for qualified nurses and job placement is not an issue.

“There are always a lot of opportunities for work,” Brickey said. “A lot of times local employers will come out to the campus and meet with the students to talk about their opportunities. And we also have a lot of the local hospitals that will hire students as Nurse Externs (basic patient care providers) to help with patient care in their facilities while they are still in school. And this also helps them get a position while they are there.

“We have three programs,” Brickey added. “We have a traditional Baccalaureate of Nursing program which is when students come in with no nursing experience and earn a Bachelor degree in nursing. Then we have an online program for those who already have an Associate degree in nursing. They take course online to transition to a Baccalaureate degree. And then we have a Master program which is Family Nurse Practitioner Certification.

“Our programs really focus on caring for individuals and building relationships with their families,” she continued. “We focus on meeting them and focusing on their needs, whatever those needs might be.”

Those needs could be specific medical needs, overall health care needs or helping them and their families with their spiritual needs as well, according to Brickey.

“It’s kind of a holistic way of looking at people and helping them with all the needs they might have and helping them live their best life by achieving wellness or getting back to wellness. We want to look at the whole person and take care of the whole person,” Brickey said. “The people who make the best nurses are people who are compassionate. It requires being selfless and being concerned with meeting the needs of other people — and having the willingness and ability to put those needs above your own needs.”

Brickey said an amazing example of this ability is that her students have become hyper-focused during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has inspired them, and they look forward to helping people through the trying times ahead.

“It has helped to focus them on community,” Brickey said. “And how do we meet the needs of the community during a crisis like the one we are going through now. And it has really opened our eyes to the many different ways nurses serve.”

Most people consider nursing to be a profession tied to hospital settings, Brickey said. “But there are many situations where nurses can step in and meet needs outside of the walls of a hospital.”

The Yancy School of Nursing recently celebrated a 100% licensing pass rate for graduating students last year. Its online RSBM program was ranked No. 2 in the state of Kentucky. The school is accepting applications now for the fall and is looking forward to helping motivated individuals achieve their goals of service.

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