ASHLAND A local church finished a massive remodel last week with aspirations to continue its expansion and community-based programs.

Thrive Ministries completed a recent initiative to remodel its facilities, including both outside and inside, said Thrive pastor Andrew Grubb. It’s located at 121 16th St.

“The building used to be an abandoned warehouse and had been run down, so we renovated the inside as well,” Grubb said.

Thrive Ministries is almost 3 years old, Grubb said. The church began on Sept. 18, 2016, and has since expanded into the newly renovated building.

“We were in the Paramount for the first six months of our church starting,” Grubb said.

Grubb said the funds to renovate the facility were raised by him, his wife and the members of the church.

“Initially my wife and I raised funds to plant the church but the continual work has come through giving from people in the church,” said Grubb.

Grubb said the church’s renovations took approximately six months to complete.

“We also have a 5,000-square-foot section on the back of the building that we are using for kids and youth ministry and are renovating as we can to become a space that the community could use for events,” Grubb said.

Thrive Ministries also has a faith-based sober living home that has been in operation for the past two years.

“We have had seven graduates,” said Grubb. “It’s a nine-month program in which the guys are taught job and life skills and we have a licensed drug counselor that comes in the home every week to help with additional tools to live a clean life.”

Thrive Ministries has big plans that they hope to fulfill in the future.

“Our future goals are to open a women’s home and to complete the renovations in the new area which will require additional funds,” Grubb said. “One of the things we need over there is a brand new air unit. We would also like to open a food distribution ministry.”

Grubb and his wife, Michelle Truitt Grubb, had worked to start several other churches in the past.

“We fell in love with the process of pioneering and impacting lives,” said Grubb.

Grubb said that those looking for a new church home are invited to attend Thrive Ministries.

“We are a ministry that cares deeply for people and we have a very broad group of people who attend faithfully and all have become family,” said Grubb. “We try very hard to love people and to be a safe place for those who have experienced church hurt.”

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