Quillen house

The Quillens' house is to be featured in Country Sampler magazine.

Kevin and Barb Quillen know how to keep a secret.

The South Shore couple, married for 35 years, were sworn to secrecy after photographers from Country Sampler magazine visited them last year to include them in a layout titled “Fresh on the Farm,” which appears in the March 2021 edition which is set to be released Jan. 26.

Mrs. Quillen didn’t see what the big deal was.

"It’s just a farm house," she said. "Most of the furniture (Kevin Quillen) made, but I guess it’s just what’s popular now — country."

A Greenup County school system retiree, Mrs. Quillen said magazine staff approached her, she guessed, after seeing posts on social media of her house. She said she is a member of several groups interested in country decor.

"I’ve been a subscriber for years so I thought it was an honor," she said.

First, she was asked to send photos to be part of a story pitch to the editor. They got back to her later to schedule a time for their photographers to visit.

"They scheduled the photo shoot for March 23, 2020, but then called me about March 12 and said they’d be in the state and could they come the following Monday," she said. "You can imagine for about four days we worked trying to get it read. They ended up coming on March 16."

Because the story is in the March edition, Mrs. Quillen had to decorate for Easter early. She said she doesn’t have a piece that is especially her favorite and that she picks up items that strike her fancy wherever she seems them. She said she collects Yellowware, blue canning jars and she has several quilts that date to the beginning of their marriage.

As for the homemade furniture, Mrs. Quillen said her husband, who works for Pregis in Wurtland, discovered a talent for woodworking about 15 years ago. She said he made their entertainment center, dining room table, shelves, mantles and end tables and continues to make furniture for family members.

"He didn’t even know he could do it, but he tried and he has honed that craft as the years go on," she said, noting many items have been made from the wood of barns torn down on their property. "Once he retires, I think he’ll do a whole lot more. He loves it."

She said she treasures the handmade furniture and expects others will, too.

"These are things you can pass on that will have memories attached," she said.

Despite national media coverage, Mrs. Quillen said the most important thing about her house is her family.

"I don’t think my house is anything that would stand out," she said. "I guess it’s just home to me. It’s something you have to love, and it’s where I feel the most fulfilled, right here taking care of my kids and grandkids and loving on them and doing whatever it takes. I’m just a wife and mom and that’s what I was called to be."

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