ASHLAND The wait is over.

The three bronze sculptures donated to the city are being placed at the Port of Ashland. The first two sculptures went up Friday morning. Vulcan and Venus were placed on their foundations. The third piece, Genesis, will be up in the near future.

“I think it’s a great day in our city,” said City Commissioner Marty Gute. “It’s a great addition to the riverfront. The statues represent the work ethic and beauty of our city.”

The newest additions to Ashland are massive works of art crafted by world-renowned artist Gines Serran-Pagan. The three bronze sculptures are expected to greatly enhance Ashland’s allure while advancing the city’s artistic offerings, drawing in art enthusiasts worldwide and allowing Ashland to grow into a comprehensive artists’ community.

Richard Layman, Secretary-Treasurer of Ashland Fabricating and Welding, said the day Genesis will go up has yet to be determined because of multiple variables.

The unique monuments mix traditional and contemporary styles in America.

“This will be a tourist attraction to our city for a long time,” Gute said. “It’s a great addition to the walking trails. I think it’s a great day in Ashland.”

In February, an anonymous donor gifted the city three sculptures created by Serran-Pagan. The monuments stand 40-plus feet high.

The structures memorialize three distinct parts of Ashland.

Genesis is designed based on images found at Paul Blazer High School and is symbolic of the city’s faith-based community. Vulcan is depicted hammering on a forge, symbolic of the city’s history with metal and steel. Venus, Vulcan’s wife, offers an Ash tree, symbolizing the city’s natural beauty and love.

The three structures were molded with clay and then coated in fiberglass. They were bronzed and then sent to American in open containers to let the material weather.

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