ASHLAND A local business has wrapped its collective arms around a different way to display messages and art.

Young Signs offers car wraps, which are vinyl coverings for cars, available in a vast array of colors, textures and designs. Wraps can be used to protect the paint, change the color or redesign an entire vehicle.

But Nat Handloser, who does graphic design for Young Signs, said wraps are for more than changing your vehicle’s color or creating mobile advertising.

“The artistic opportunities hare huge,” he said. “We try to push our wraps past just installing vinyl on a car. We add little elements that make each vehicle unique, such as an embossed layer under the wraps. Full-color print wraps means you can put whatever you want on your car.”

Artists can put their own art on their car, which he said happens occasionally, but his graphic design department usually creates the design.

The time it takes to wrap a car depends on the creation.

“Sometimes it’s pretty quick, a few days,” Handloser said. “Sometimes, there’s sketching and making changes and sketching again and again.”

If the customer has a design in mind or just wants the hood wrapped, it’s a much quicker job than wrapping a whole car in a design that emerges from a back-and-forth with the customer.

Wraps don’t damage the paint job. In fact, it can protect it.

“I always tell people if they have recently painted or repainted, there’s always a chance (of damage), but factory paint, wrap it and it will be fine,” he said.

A recent job involved collaging several photos into a wrap. Handloser said he scans in good-quality images and works with the layout of the vehicle to make a design work.

The business might have a couple or more projects going at the same time. Handloser said when there is a big project, there is usually some down time to work on smaller projects.

Young Signs started offering car wrapping in April 2018 and Handloser said business boomed.

“The more people hear about it and know about, the more who want it,” he said. “Outside this area, it’s a huge thing and people are learning it can be done here.”

Cost can range from $200 to several thousands.

Wraps don’t have to be on your auto.

Handloser said for practice, his department has put up various wraps in the office. They’ve also put them on indoor walls of businesses and in homes.

“I did our bathroom at home in steampunk,” Handloser said.  “I’m excited about the idea we can do murals on brick or inside and spread that to artists being able to have works displayed on the side of a building, even changing that out by different galleries and different artists.”

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