SUMMIT Changes are coming to Giovanni’s Pizza in Summit, with a new, pub-style atmosphere.

Jesse Hunt, owner of The Greater Kentucky Corp. which owns several Giovanni’s Pizzas, said the Summit store will move into the building that used to house Active Day Adult Day Care. Hunt said the day care said it wasn’t feasible to remain open in light of COVID-19. The current Giovanni’s building will be razed and the space used for parking for the restaurant. The space will make it possible to offer three times the parking as was offered previously.

Hunt said the new store will be called Giovanni’s Pizza and Pub, unique to the Giovanni’s brand.

"We’re trying to provide people in Boyd County a place they can go dine as a family and where they can be comfortable and to create an atmosphere similar to B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) or something like that," Hunt said. "There will be dozens of TVs with games on."

He said he’s still working on the decor, but plans to decorate with sports memorablia from college and pro sports and for a variety of games.

Booth seats and 5-foot “knee walls” will provide some separation, giving customers privacy.

A new development for the Summit location will be the sale of beer and wine. Hunt said there will be no liquor sales at the pub, but beer and wine will be available.

"This will be more of a casual dining environment," he said. "You can come in and have pizza and beer and watch a game or you can have the choice to sit down with your family and have dinner."

Hunt stressed it won’t be he first Giovanni’s to sell beer, but it will be the first to provide such a pub atmosphere.

Giovanni’s continues to serve customers by delivery and drive-through, but Hunt said the opening date of the pub will be determined by the progress made in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Restaurants can have 50% capacity, but I’ve elected to keep dining rooms closed and they’ve been closed since the first go-around," Hunt said. "I want to do everything I can to keep customers and employees healthy. I won’t open prematurely. The last thing I want to do is put money in front of health. ... I won’t open until I’m comfortable its safe for customers and employees."

Hunt said the stores have made many changes for health considerations during the pandemic, but it’s because he cares about customers and employees.

"The customers have been great and understanding and we appreciate their loyalty," he said. "We miss them, but we have to do what’s best for their health."

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