Cathy Queen, associate director of Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, said those who adopt from the organization must be approved.

ASHLAND There’s never a shortage of animals to adopt at Ashland Animal Rescue Fund’s kennel at 12365 Kevin Drive.

“We can have 35 to 40 adult dogs, 30 to 40 puppies and up to 25 cats and kittens,” Cathy Queen, associate director, said, noting the kennel usually is full.

“We work with the Boyd and Greenup shelters to alleviate stress and overcrowding,” Queen said. “We also accept owner surrender.”

Owner surrender could mean the death of the owner or the owner is moving someplace that doesn’t accommodate pets. It also could mean the animal was more than the owner could handle. That’s why a thoughtful adoption process is a priority with AARF.

“We want adopters to find an animal to meet their lifestyle,” Queen said.

She said those considering adoption should decide whether to get a cat or dog, depending on how much time they have to spend with the animal, family preferences and other guidelines. Queen said those working at the kennel can offer tips.

She also recommended  viewing animals available for adoption on AARF’s website and on Petfinder to get in idea of what animals are available.

The next step is meeting with the animal at the kennel. Queen said if there already is an animal in the family, bringing it to meet the possible new addition is a good idea.

Queen said anyone adopting one of AARF’s animals must have an approved application. To do so, email adopt4aarfky@gmail.com and ask for an application. Applications also are available at the kennel, open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Applicants who rent must make sure the landlord allows pets and AARF might request a home visit from the applicant.

Approval takes three to five working days, depending on the number of applications they’re working on.

Also consider the cost, including monthly flea, tick and heartworm medications and health problems that increase with age.

Some of the animals are mutts and mixed breeds, but Queen said AARF also gets purebred dogs.

“We get dachshunds, Great Danes, pugs, Sharpais, golden doogles, Labrador retrievers, poodles,” Queen said.

Even a good fit might not be obvious right away. Queen said it sometimes takes a couple of weeks or months for an animal’s personality to really come out. “It’s a security issue,” she said. “You have to build up the animal’s security.”

Choosing to take on a pet can not be an impulsive decision, Queen said. “You have to sign on to a lifetime commitment,” she said. “If you have to move, find a place that will let you bring your pet. ...You need to find an animal to meet your lifestyle.”

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