It’s nothing new for Vicki Roach to deliver food to Central Park on a Sunday afternoon.

This time, however, she’s “legal,” she said. She’s heading up a farm-to-table event today from 2-4 at Central Park next to the Boyd County Public Library.

For years, Roach has frequently toted dishes to hungry people in Ashland.

“I used to work at the soup kitchen (in Ashland) before it shut down, and there was no place open on Sundays at the time,” Roach said. “One day I fixed some potato soup, and everybody went crazy over it.”

Roach, who lives just outside of Ironton and owns Tea Party Treats, said she and her family decided to take Sunday-dinner leftovers to the park. She didn’t realize she was supposed to have a permit.

Roach got a Hepatitis A vaccine and obtained a one-time permit for today’s community dinner, which is aimed “not just for the homeless but for the lonely,” she said.

Roach said a local farmers’ market is donating tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. Chicken will be served. Roach has baked peach pie and other assorted desserts.

After posting the event’s details on her Facebook page, Roach said “everybody just joined together” to make today’s event possible.

“Our community’s wonderful,” Roach said. “Churches are involved, and people will be there to help clean up. It’s a community effort.”

Roach is hopeful this isn’t the only farm-to-table event she will help hold this year. Her goal is to organize more around the holidays.

“I passed out 50 flyers today and 120 yesterday,” Roach said on Friday. “There are a lot of people out there that need a good meal. Or maybe they’re just lonely and need to sit with someone and eat.”

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