This frost flower resembles an angel.

I’ve written about the frost flowers before.

These unique creations are a transient rarity. The conditions must be just right for them to emerge. The setting has to be shady. The air’s temperature must be below freezing and the soil’s temperature must be above it. Then, when sap from a plant’s roots begins to flow upward, it will freeze and press out of the stems. Beautiful ice ribbons and petals unfurl in the process.

Somehow, some way, God makes it all happen.

It is always a thrill when I encounter the frosty flora on my late autumn and early winter walks. The patch I recently discovered produced the largest ones that I had ever seen. I was especially drawn to one that looked like an angel. She was clad in winter attire — boots,

hat, and scarf — and lay cradled in the leaves. I was delighted. I marveled at His lovingkindness.

In the book of Job, God asks us this rhetorical question: “Who has given birth to the frost from heaven?” (38:29) He does not seek the answer. He prods us to make us think.

God has given us the Old and the New Testaments to reveal Himself to us. It behooves us to read them thoughtfully and carefully. Throughout the sacred writings, we are told the whole earth is filled with His glory.

So we cannot neglect the testament of the fields and the flowers. God speaks volumes through them, too!

*“For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it.” (Job 33:14).

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