“Your shoes shall be iron and bronze, and as your days, so shall your strength be.” Deut 33:25

“Your shoes shall be iron and bronze, and as your days, so shall your strength be.” (Deut. 33:25)

These words were among the last spoken by Moses — God’s messenger — to bless the tribe of Asher. Soon the tribesmen would be sent out as soldiers to take their share of the Promised Land. Their portion would include a vast coastal region of rocky terrain.

Moses’ blessing assured them that their feet would be shod with protection and that their footing would be firm as they tread the rough roads ahead.

The same principle applies to us.

God never sets us out on our life’s journey without equipping us for the way. If our path is to be a rocky one, divine accoutrements will provide the defense and strength that we need. As we faithfully continue on the course He has set before us, we have the promise that His power working in us will increase as the years pass by.

Mike Maynard, who retired from the Army after serving four tours of duty in Iraq, now serves as the executive director of the Hillcrest Bruce Mission. There he fights for victories of another kind.

The ministry he oversees depends on a variety of donations to assist the diverse population that it serves. Most donations are routine in nature and commonly include items of clothing, cleaning supplies and toiletry items. At times however, some donations are unusual and even considered to be quite odd.

None the less, every donor’s motive is worthy of respect and every donor’s gift is worthy of careful placement — including a baby’s shoe that had been enshrined in bronze.

Mike was baffled. He opted to set the cute boot out on the center’s “free” table and wait to see what might happen. He did not have to wait for long.

A visitor soon noticed the bronzed beauty and knew it was the answer to prayer. A young mother had recently laid her baby to rest and could not afford a headstone. She wanted to provide so much more for the baby she had loved so deeply. This bootie, set on a small concrete marker, would soon become the perfect adornment for the tiny grave. It would help to memorialize the beloved baby and bring comfort to a grieving mother’s heart.

God always abundantly supplies us for our divine assignments. He gives us the victory before He enlists us as soldiers, no matter the size of the battle, regardless of the odds.

All we need to bring to the fight is a child like faith and a little heart.

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