GREENUP A South Shore man is exposed to a charge after he was accused of flashing two children on Feb. 16.

Wearing his underwear, the man opened the blinds to his apartment, stared at the children and removed his underwear, according to a criminal citation. The suspect then placed his hands on hips and began spinning from side to side, court records show.

Alarmed, the victims — ages 8 and 14 — locked themselves in their parents’ vehicle and called their mother to get them, according to the citation.

When a neighbor went over to the suspect’s apartment to confront him, the suspect was seen running from the bathroom hoisting his pants back on, the citation shows.

Roger M. Green, 61, was arrested Thursday evening by the Greenup County Sheriff’s Department and charged Friday morning in district court with first-degree indecent exposure (first offense). The class B misdemeanor carries with it between three and six months in county jail.

Green was released on a $2,000 unsecured bond.

Keeping his blinds closed was listed as a condition of his bail.

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