ASHLAND Skill and opportunity resulted in the seizure of about an ounce of methamphetamine Saturday night, according to Kentucky State Police.

This month, Kentucky State Police Post 14 has been running saturation patrols around the Fivco area in an effort to crack down on drunk driving, texting while driving and seatbelt violations. That saturation patrol combined with one skilled state trooper netted the large amount of meth and the arrest of a Michigan man, said Trooper Bobby King.

“That guy can just sniff it out. You can spin him around in a circle and he’ll point and find drugs,” King said. “The saturation patrol helped, for sure. But this guy just has a gift for it.” 

Boyd County District Court records show, at 9:27 p.m., the trooper was patrolling Wheatley Road in Westwood when he saw a driver not wearing a seatbelt. He got behind the suspect’s 2013 Kia Rio with West Virginia tags and saw it cross the fog line twice and turn onto Bellefonte Road without signal, the records show.

Upon the traffic stop, the citation shows the trooper noticed the scent of marijuana and the driver’s blood-shot eyes. After conducting a field sobriety test, the trooper placed the driver under arrest for DUI.

The trooper then searched the driver, finding a piece of plastic containing suspected meth knotted up inside his watch pocket, records show. A search of the vehicle turned up a bigger bag and a small amount of marijuana, according to the citation.

King said the estimated weight of the suspected meth was 29 grams, but it still needs testing.

“It’s our procedure to send off any drugs we confiscate to the lab for testing and weighing. We can estimate on scene, but when we send it to the lab they take it out of the bag and weigh it. That way, the weight of the bag isn’t throwing off the amount when we take it to court,” King said. “About 90% of what we’re seeing come back from the lab, whether it’s marijuana, heroin, meth — pick your poison — has fentanyl in it.” 

Fentanyl is a high-powered pain killer that has been driving up opioid overdoses since 2014, according to the DEA 2019 Threat Assessment.  

Andre M. Mandry, 27, of West Bloomfield, a Detroit suburb, was charged in District Court on first-degree, first-offense methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, DUI, giving false information to an officer and three traffic violations. He was booked at the Boyd County Detention Center, where he is held on a $2,500 bond.

King said the arresting trooper was just doing what he does every shift: working the road.

“Our troopers are out there every day making arrests like these,” King said. “It’s about getting out there and working the road.”

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