ASHLAND A second-grader ordered off his school bus for misbehavior earlier this week remains nervous about going to school, the boy’s mother said Wednesday.

School officials have not provided much information to her on how the incident is being handled, said Priscilla Brown, who says her son was ordered off his bus by the driver during the afternoon homeward run from Charles Russell Elementary School Monday.

Brown and her mother Tammy, who share custody of the boy, based the following account of what happened on what the boy told them.

The boy, who has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, admitted to being noisy and standing on the bus.

When ordered off the bus, he walked a short distance, approximately to the next stop, and the driver picked him back up on condition he not misbehave any more.

The boy was dropped off at his home and later he and his mother came to Tammy Brown’s home. “When he got to my home, he was crying and scared to death,” Tammy Brown said.

The boy told them the driver called him “annoying” and dropped him off down the hill from his Debord Terrace home.

Superintendent Sean Howard, contacted by text message Wednesday, said by return text he had reviewed video from the bus. “District procedures were not followed,” he texted.

“This is a personnel issue so I can’t share a lot, however, the district has made contact with the child’s mother and all is being handled appropriately,” he texted.

The boy rode the bus Tuesday and Wednesday and remains wary of the driver, wondering if he will be forced off again.

District officials have apologized, said the incident should not have happened, but have made no explicit reassurances that it will not happen again, Priscilla Brown said.

She plans to meet with Charles Russell officials to discuss her child’s behavior and make sure he will be safe on the bus, she said.

His ADHD affects his behavior, in particular in the afternoon when the effects of his medication are waning, and he becomes more hyper, she said. “But I don’t think he’s the only kid on the bus who is hyper and I don’t want it to happen to another child. No child should ever be put off the bus. If he’s a problem, why not send me a note home,” she said.

She believes the driver deserves suspension.

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