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The Paul G. Blazer High School campus. KEVIN GOLDY | THE DAILY INDEPENDENT

ASHLAND The multi-phase renovation of Paul Blazer High School’s multi-building campus continues with work on buildings 3 and 4 almost complete and more work on building 5 coming up, according to buildings and grounds director Richard Oppenheimer.

Building 3, which houses science labs, English, nursing and other classes, is getting windows, ventilation upgrades, LED lighting, floors and lockers.

Building 4, used for industrial arts, also is near completion after a complete renovation including addition of a large classroom.

Building 5, the smallest on the campus, will get new window glass in January and at that time the district will start looking at other improvements. Industrial arts eventually will move there, Oppenheimer said.

Building 7, which includes the gymnasium, is in need of work to some of its rooms but nothing has been planned yet.

The multiple-building layout makes a multi-phase project more feasible and allows the district to spread the cost over a span of years, Oppenheimer said.

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