Psalm 23

The 23rd Psalm

is a personal verse.

It’s to let me know about the Lord,

That I’m His and He’s mine.

The Lord is my shepherd,

He leads me

He guides me

He stays beside me.

In this world

The Lord is my present help

in time of need

And that He’s all I’ll

ever need to succeed.

Mary Huff

Back to Where We Were

When our fathers formed this great U.S. of A.

They had God in their hearts

And with God as their foundation

Nothing could tear it apart


With God on their side they built

The greatest nation proud and fair

God, You truly blessed them

There’s no question You were there.


There was a time when

WE put You first in everything

We’d give You the credit

For all the blessings You would bring


And for all our thankfulness

You’d bless us with an even greater share

Take us back, Lord

Take us back to where we were


Then it seems, Lord, we forgot

From where all the blessings came

And we set You aside, Lord

And praised ourselves for all the fame


And tho others left You standing

There are those who still believe You care

And You can take us back, Lord

Take us back to where we were


Touch our land, Lord

Take us back to where we were

To a God-fearing nation

And people who really care


Let us just once more

Reach out and learn to share

Take us back, Lord

Take us back to where we were

 John F. Enyart

and Donald R. Nelson

No More

Jesus will never suffer

on a cruel cross anymore.

He’ll never beae the pain

of a crown of thorns.

He’ll never carry

The rough old rugged cross

While he was being beaten.

He’ll never be beaten

While he was ripped and torn like before.

He’ll never shed

His precious holy blood

Shedding for things

he doesn’t do

Just to save me and you.

The nails will never

Hurt and scar

His blessed hands and feet.

Thank you Jesus for everything.

Mary Huff