Knead Me

Here I am again, Lord

In need again

As I go down on a bended knee

I need You once again

Make me what You'd have me be

Show me, Lord, so I can see

In all this I give thanks to Thee

Cause I need You

To knead me once again

Knead me, shape me, mend me

Re-work me once again

In Your appearance make me be

So I may less offend

Take my needs, fulfill me, Lord

You know it's You I'm living for

Give me strength to do much more

But I need You

To knead me once again

In Your hands I am the vessel

Willing to be made

Into a useful instrument

For Your use today

You’re the Potter, I am the clay              

Make me what You need, I pray            

And in Your Grace I may always stay    

Oh how I need you

To knead me once again

I couldn’t go on any longer

Without You by my side

Help me keep Your loving Spirit

In my heart and on my mind

Direct me, Lord so the world can see

That You’re a great big part of me

And like You, others may strive to be

And I need you

To knead me once again

John F. Enyart

and Donald R. Nelson

My Valentine

Who will be my Valentine

The one woman that I will call mine,

Who else for that special love is waiting

To which there will be no hesitating.

Where is that one woman abiding

To whom my love I could be providing,

Where is the woman that I am thinking of

The one that I can call my true love.

I wonder where  that she might be

As once again to Cupid I have made my plea,

Who will I be sending my love to

I wonder who?

Randy L. McClave

Winter Time


Quietly sleeping in our comfy beds,

Quilted covers to the top of our heads.

Dreaming about fond memories,

Of old days and nights gone by.

So real they tend to make you cry.

Hard wood floors being cold to the touch

Stubbing my toe carelessly was a little to much.

A cozy fireplace giving warmth from head to toe

While outside a blanket of new fallen snow.

I will always remember my child hood

The blessings we all shared.

Family, friends and others that really cared.

Winter time could really be brutal.

So in God we would put our trust.

Praying to him, hand in hand was a daily must.

Happy is the mind with great ideas blending.

Happy hearts with joy and peace un-ending.

Family values are cherished by all.

With all we say and do.

I am wishing that many families

Will have pleasant memories too.

Joyce Childers

I Feel Your Presence

I feel your presence Lord

I feel it day and night

And oh what a sight.

I don’t think I will ever see

Such a beautiful sight

As long as I live.

You are always watching over me.

Because you do watch over me

I feel safe and secure

In everything I do

And everywhere I go.

What a wonderful Lord you are

I can’t wait to meet you.

What a meeting that will be

There will be no other like it.

Oleta Reed