ASHLAND Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital will live on in the hearts of citizens, and now it will live on for generations to come at the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center.

The museum received a donation on Thursday from representatives of OLBH, which included different items from the hospital. The donations included photos dating back to the 1950s, articles written about the hospital and more.

“It is very meaningful that we have a collection area where these prized positions can be kept, maintained and put out to be loved again,” said Executive Director Carol Allen.

Allen said the intention of the Highlands Museum is to eventually have an entire collection dedicated to the businesses and companies that contributed to the community. She said she is still searching for pieces for the collection.

“Later on (we want to) have a large exhibit here and to invite all the employees and the people who wish to come to come for a remembrance gathering,” said Allen.

She added the exhibit would be out for about six months when it was finally complete and ready to show. There is no date set for the exhibit.

“I think as a citizen in this area to lose something that valuable, I want to preserve as much of it as I possibly can,” said Allen. “I made that contact hoping that we could retain some of that history.”

OLBH representative Kevin Compton said the Highlands’ love of community history was why it donated the items to the museum. 

“We thought it was appropriate their (OLBH) legacy be preserved,” he said. 

“I know a lot of these items do not have a home and they would just be left behind and it is history. It is not only the history of the hospital, but it’s the legacy of the original sisters who came to the community in the ’50s,” said Compton.

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