ASHLAND Power for the majority of customers who experienced an outage on Thursday was restored and final repairs were under way on the two broken power-line poles as of Thursday evening.

Allison Barker, Corporate Communications Manager with Kentucky Power, said the incident occurred when a large oak tree fell on two poles in the general area of Skyline Drive and Floyd Street.

“A transmission line, a 69 KV, from South Point, Ohio, to Bellefonte has locked out,” Barker said on Thursday. Barker said it happened at 11:49 a.m.

Barker said there were originally 5,100 customers without power, but that number dropped to 250 customers by Thursday afternoon. Barker said the crews worked on another repair that was to drop that number to 40. The remaining 40 customers were to be without power until repairs are complete. There is not a current timeline on the final repairs.

“Using our switching system we were able to bring the majority of customers back on within 90 minutes,” Barker said. “Something we’ve been trying to do in recent years is serve different substations from different directions. When an outage like this occurs we can switch to a different circuit and bring customers back on quickly. That’s what we did in this situation.”

Barker said that Kentucky Power appreciated the public’s patience during the repair.

“We always encourage customers that are still having outages give us a call,” said Barker.

Ashland Independent Schools Superintendent Sean Howard said that all schools except Crabbe Elementary and Charles Russell Elementary lost power. Howard said there was no early dismissal.

Bill Boblett, Boyd County Schools Superintendent, said that Summit Elementary School and the board office were without power.

Traffic lights along U.S. 60 between Blackburn Avenue and Kyova Mall were out due to the outage.

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