Bryan Tackett

FLATWOODS A local police department is reminding citizens of proper protocol when yielding to a school bus in preparation for back-to-school time.

Bryan Tackett, the Flatwoods Police Department School Resource Officer, posted a video to the FPD Facebook page on Monday reminding citizens that it is illegal to pass a stopped bus.

“Please be cautious and make sure you stop,” Tackett said. “It is against the law to run the bus stop sign.”

Tackett said that citizens should watch for the flashing lights on the back of the bus as well as its stop sign to ensure that children are kept safe loading and unloading the school bus.

“We want to ensure all the citizens in our area, as well as the United States, are aware of school bus safety and be cautious of these kids out in the mornings and in the evenings,” Tackett said.

The video continued with a powerful clip showing a distracted driver failing to stop at the bus stop sign and striking a child down. The video aims to remind citizens it is not just a violation; it’s a child's life.

“Our department will be out watching for these violations,” Tackett said. Tackett said that the offense is a misdemeanor in Kentucky.

Sean Horne, the superintendent of Russell Independent Schools, is depicted in the video urging citizens to stop for school buses.

“Take your time and come to a complete stop until the bus is clear and all students are on board,” Horne said. “We would appreciate if everyone paid a little extra attention on the roadways to protect our kids.”

“It's all about the kids, and some young kids don't understand the risks of traffic,” Tackett said.

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