Dave Trimble

Dave Trimble

Dave Trimble envisioned his destiny as a school administrator from an early age. His passion for education runs as deep as his family roots in eastern Kentucky.

From the time he was 5 years old, Trimble witnessed his father and hero, Steve, display a high level of leadership and determination as the superintendent of Johnson County schools. 

The Johnson Central alum’s journey has sent him back to a familiar area and beloved part of his history. Trimble was named the new superintendent at Pikeville on Tuesday.

“I’ve always been passionate about education leadership and being able to support the work that takes place in classrooms,” Trimble said. “I grew up a son of a school administrator. I got to see how he and my family was able to invest in kids and how he invested in the work that was being done in schools so others could have that same success.” 

Trimble has held a variety of administrative and teaching jobs since he graduated high school. He spent 10 years at Boyd County from 2004-2014 where he was a social studies teacher, middle school principal, director of student services, athletic director and coach. 

He spent the last seven years at Russell. He started as the principal of its technology school and is currently the director of pupil personnel. Fans have also heard his velvety tones as radio and PA announcer, which he has done for 24 years.

Trimble is ready for the challenge that awaits him. The knowledge, experience and the people with whom he has worked has prepared him for what lies ahead. His final day at Russell will be June 30.

“It was a dream of mine to be able a leader who supports great work that is happening and be around great people that are investing in kids,” he added. “That is something that is happening in (the Pikeville) district. They have wonderful people and they’ve had wonderful success. The expectations are high, much like the district that I’m leaving. They have always had success and tradition. The excellence is expected. … I didn’t know it would happen now and didn’t expect it, but I am very blessed and excited.” 

Trimble has spent a lifetime in education. He found a colorful way to express his devotion to his profession when he first approached Pikeville about the job.

“One of the ways I described myself to the Board of Education at Pikeville when I wrote my initial letter,” Trimble said, “was there are gym rats who spend all their time in the gym to be better. I was a school rat, running around watching people do their jobs at school and making decisions. From being on a wrestling mat at Johnson Central, because my dad was the head wrestling coach, to being in his office answering phones in the seventh grade, school operations and school leadership is something I’ve always been around.” 

Trimble will also be grateful for the friendships he has made and the people who have significantly invested his career along the way working at Boyd County and Russell. It was tough to leave a community he has loved for so long. He said he has learned so much and could not have had a greater mentor than Dr. Sean Horne, Russell’s superintendent. 

“He has allowed me to the opportunity to see the superintendent job from different perspective,” Trimble said. “He let me be involved in a lot of things at Russell. When you have a job and an opportunity like this and you can look back and see how much people have invested in you and helped you prepare, you’d be crazy not to take it, not just for me, but for my family.”

Horne has seen Trimble’s desire to learn, his willingness to help out in any capacity and his considerable work ethic up close.

“Those couple of years and watching him work with kids, he really built our technology center to what it is now,” Horne said. “He really changed the culture and really increased student numbers. I knew he was a special guy as far as working with kids and being in education. Then, we had an opening in our office and I thought it was a seamless move to bring Dave over. The last two years, we have worked closely together. Dave is like a sponge. He wants to learn and is willing to put in the time.”

Horne spoke for the entire Russell district when he said he is excited for Trimble and his next administrative step.

“Pikeville’s gain is our loss,” Horne said. “We hate to see him go on. Dave’s been in education his entire career. As far as his progression to the superintendent seat, he was destined for that. This opportunity is a great fit for him. We are happy for him and we all think he will do a great job.”

The good news keeps accumulating for Trimble and his family. He and his wife, Miranda, are proud parents of their six-month-old baby girl, Addison. Miranda taught third grade at McDowell Intermediate and hopes to return to teaching after transitioning to their new home.

“We figured if you’re going to have some change, you might as well do it all at once,” Trimble said with a chuckle. “Then settle in and love life. We are so blessed in our marriage and in our lives.”

The city of Pikeville and the school district have welcomed his family with open arms, according to Trimble. He expressed his gratitude to the Board of Education and outgoing superintendent Jerry Green, who is retiring at the end of June.

“I spent an hour with him (on Tuesday night),” Trimble said of Green. “Jerry is such a wealth of knowledge in education. I very blessed to get to transition into this job with him. He has been so kind and welcoming.”

Trimble will never forget the relationships he’s made working in the northeastern Kentucky. The chance to return home and to the area he holds dear was too good to pass up.

“It’s awesome,” Trimble said. “I got a message from one the elementary teachers. We went to school together. She said that when you were announced as superintendent, I didn’t know it was you because I’ve only known you as Davey. I told my wife, that was the moment I knew we were returning home. No one has called me Davey in 16 years.”

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