Pawn World

Pictured is the new Pawn World store on Winchester Avenue.

ASHLAND The building at 2416 Winchester Ave. has been the home of of tasty pizza from Mr. Gatti’s, Chinese favorites from China One, and classic Mexican entrees from both El Rancho Grande and Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant, and most recently for a variety of cold beverages from Red’s Place.

Since Friday though, the building now offers a wide variety of many popular items brought in to be pawned, or as Pawn World manager Ernest Myrick likes to say, “We literally take everything but your mother-in-law.”   

Pawn World closed its location that was on Cedar Knoll Drive near Kyova Mall last Monday. The new store offers a good selection of guitars, amplifiers, televisions, DVDs, archery equipment and fishing rods. For fun, even a hoverboard, video projector and drum kit were spotted on opening day at the store’s new location.  

“We got like the Play Station games and Xbox games. You can get them here cheaper than you can go to the store and buy them,” Lisa Tackett said. Tackett is manager of Pawn World’s Grayson location and has been helping the Ashland store get off on the right foot. Myrick said they don’t like to take TVs over 2 years old.  Tackett added, “If it’s in nice shape we’ll take it, though.”  

Watches, diamond rings and other jewelry are also available.

“I’ve had it both ways, the guys that want to get rid of it, or the girls as soon as they split up don’t want it no more,” Tackett said of the diamond tokens left over from love gone bad.

“They want to at least be getting something out of it,” Tackett said, adding, “This guy came in, he just met this woman two days earlier, spent like $700 on an engagement ring and went back over to Rural King to get her and she said no.”

It’s not always bad news, though.  

“I had this guy, little boy came in, it was actually the woman’s boy, and he (man) was going to be a step-dad, but they came in and picked out an engagement ring for his mom, and they had to come back and tell me that she said yeah. He (the boy) was all excited. He wanted him for his dad,” Tackett said.                           

There’s also a store within a store offering customers cellular telephone plans, as well as a selection of iPhones and Androids. Customers may sign up for prepaid phone service from AT&T Wireless and h2o Wireless, in which customers pay monthly and are under no contract. Many computers are also for sale and repair work on cell phones and computers is also done.  

The computer and phone department also sell merchandise on Facebook Marketplace and credit that for helping to get walk-in customers. That department also has an interesting feature by showing movies related to flying or space travel all day long. They refer to it as a break from playing elevator music constantly like many stores do.

With spring just around the corner, lawn mowers and weedeaters will be on the showroom floor soon. Motorcycles also pop up from time to time. For those needing work supplies, circular saws, drills, professional air compressors, pressure washers and an assortment of tools are on hand. In the college town of Grayson, Tackett said some KCU students will bring in their microwave ovens and mini refrigerators to pawn before going home for the summer.  

“About anything you can imagine, we got,” said Tackett. She said one of the most unusual things anyone ever tried to pawn is a pair old boots. Tackett said old Case Knives and guns are also popular. About the merchandise brought to the store by customers, Tackett said, “We give usually 10 to 15% of what it’s worth. It’s a 30-day loan, but they got 90 days altogether to come back and get it, or they can pay the interest charge each month.”  

There is no shortage of a sense of humor at Pawn World.

 “We got a sign out at Grayson, ‘Your wife called, said buy whatever you want,” Tackett said. Tackett has been known to be disguised as a grandmother while giving things to children at public events at Kyova Mall while representing Pawn World. She also wears an Easter bunny costume while giving away Easter candy. The store likes to give back to the community by participating in benefits, and their employees take part in local mall events and Ashland’s Christmas Parade.

“We have a Facebook page where we have contests, or if you go on there and like our page, you see all the deals, if we got any deals, or if we’re running any specials. We did a Mother’s Day contest. Last year we did a contest and gave out Kings Island tickets,” Tackett said.

“We did a Valentine’s Day one,” Myrick said. Pawn World also has auctions on their Facebook page.

“We also have a marketing guy (Spandan Roy Chowdhury) from India and he is a really big help to us,” Tackett said. Pawn World’s Grayson location is 501 N. Carol Malone Boulevard. Both Pawn World locations are owned by Chris Hutchison and Shane Clark is general manager of both.

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