ASHLAND The Debord Terrace infrastructure project has shrunk a little bit due to budget constraints, but it will still replace a good deal of the public housing project’s aged stairs, sidewalks and handrails, officials said.

The Ashland City Commission this week voted in back-to-back meetings on Thursday and Friday to approve a $393,820 contract between the city and Frederick and May Construction Company, of West Liberty.

The contract is $109,873 than originally bid, according to a commission agenda. Of the $393,820 approved in the contract, $295,365 will funded through the Community Development Block Grant administered by the city. The remaining $98,455 will be funded through the Ashland Housing Authority.

Chris Pullem, the city’s director of Community and Economic Development, said the reduction in the contract amount was due to the bids coming in over budget for the originally contract. Pullem said officials sat down and looked at what could be taken out of the project to reduce the price.

The deletions — marked in the agenda as five flights of stairs ($83,821), a cross walk ($8,625) and some sidewalk ($17,427) — were slated to be replaced in order to make the finish product look more uniform, Pullem said.

Mike D. Miller, executive director of the Ashland Housing Authority, said the approved contract will replace roughly 75% of Debord’s sidewalks, stairs and hand rails. With the terrace being 50 years old, Miller said it was time for an update.

“We’ve been doing different replacements over the year, repairing sections of sidewalk when it was needed,” Miller said. “But this is an encompassing upgrade.”

As listed on the 2020-2024 CDBG Comprehensive Plan, the project is also to help the terrace be more Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

Miller said part of the improvements will be having lower curbs for wheel chair access, particularly in front of apartments that are designated as ADA accommodations.

While the approved project will take on the bulk of the infrastructure, Miller said he hopes the authority will be able to update the parts left on the cutting room floor with next year’s capital budget.

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