RACELAND Despite strong opinions voiced by some voters, preliminary results show Greenup County might be getting a little wetter.

Voters were asked Tuesday whether or not alcohol sales should be permitted in South Shore, the town of Greenup, Raceland and the Hunnewell precinct, which includes River Bend Golf Club in Argillite. Each voter cast a ballot according to their district.

Each district showed preliminary results in favor of the measures: Raceland showed 156 voted in favor of the measure and 119 against; Greenup showed 27 in favor and 15 against; South Shore showed 31 in favor and 23 against; Hunnewell showed 54 in favor and 33 against.

The unofficial tally posted outside the polls at Greenup County High School and Raceland High do not include all the absentee ballots — official results are expected by next week at the latest.

Sallie Fields, a voter at the Raceland polling station, said she was against opening up liquor sales in those areas.

“If they have really tight rules, maybe it would be OK,” she said. “But I don't want to have a bar on every corner.”

Amanda Manning said the liquor ordinance was “a nope.”

“That's a nope for me,” she said. “We don't do that. We go to church; we do not do that.”

Derek Clifton told The Daily Independent he voted yes to the ordinance, but it didn't make him hop into his car and head out to the polling station on Tuesday.

“I was a little shocked to see it on the ballot, but it doesn't bother me either way,” he said. “I voted yes for the convenience.”

Keith McGranahan said he came out to the polls to vote in the Congressional races. However, like Clifton, upon seeing it on the ballot he was “all for it.”

“I think we should be wet,” he said.

Three other voters asked about the liquor ordinance didn't express too much concern either way.

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