Louisa PCH winner
LOUISA The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol met with media outlets from across the region to caravan through the hills of Lawrence County to surprise a faithful player of the PCH games.
Kitty Allen of Louisa has been playing the games and entering the contests for Publishers Clearing House for more than three decades. On Friday, that faithful dedication paid off in the form of $1 million.
As the crew approached the house, all was quiet. Allen peeked out of her window to see the crew in their blue blazers and orange ties holding balloons, flowers, champagne and a foam board turned just so Allen couldn’t see the dollar amount of her prize.
Todd Sloan, Howie Guja and Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol flipped the board and handed it to Allen, who was stunned speechless.
She said she “heard a peck at the door” and when she looked outside, she thought “Oh my!”
Allen never thought it would ever happen to her, but she kept playing and kept hoping. Now she’s a $1,000,000 winner.
Allen kept repeating, “Thank the Lord!”
She shared that the winning came at just the right time for her and her husband. It was needed. She plans to pay bills, give to her church and spoil her grandchildren.
Soft spoken, Allen said she has been playing the PCH games for years despite her family and friends giving her a hard time about it. She encouraged others to keep playing.
Allen was playing the games upstairs at the exact moment PCH came knocking. Her favorite is mahjong, which turned into a $1,000,000 prize.
Her husband was inside without a clue what was happening on the other side of the door. She was excited to go in and share the news with him. Her next call would be to her children, especially her daughter who gave her the hardest time about her dedication to playing.
Allen won small prizes before. She won $10 first. Then a couple days ago, she won another $10. In a few days time that $10 was multiplied and five more zeros now sit behind that 1.
Allen was gracious in her exchange with the crew. She had seen them give out money to many others over the years and was shocked to see the crew in her yard.
It wasn’t sinking in as the crew of people pulled out of her driveway. She didn’t know exactly how she’d celebrate, but thought maybe she and her husband would head out to Texas Roadhouse for a celebratory dinner.

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