Masons reward students for perfect attendance

Students at Crabbe Elementary School receive bicycles for perfect attendance. Photo by Temecka Evans.

Families visited Crabbe Elementary School on Wednesday to watch their children receive a bicycle and helmet from the Poage Masonic Lodge -- a gift aimed at recognizing the youths’ perfect attendance over the past year.

Bicycles and helmets were presented to the eight children of Crabbe Elementary School who maintained perfect attendance over the 2018 to 2019 school year. The principal of Crabbe Elementary School, Uriah Tolbert, and the Masons’ lodge master, Roy Dillon, presented the bicycles.

“The Masonic Lodge feels that encouraging timely and punctual attendance creates good habits for the children as they prepare to take on adulthood in the future,” said Don Stewart, media coordinator of Poage Masonic Lodge.

The eight students who received bicycles were Lamiyah Gonzales, Lashonda Gonzales, Latoya Gonzales, Jayven Hamilton, Mayah Hamilton, Aaron Keaton, Anthony Keaton and Braden Wills.

“Going to school is important,” said Dillon. “Like I told the kids in there, I’ve never had perfect attendance for something in my entire life, so it’s a very special thing for them to do. To go to school 180 days and not miss a day is very impressive.”

He added getting involved with giving bicycles away to students with perfect attendance started with the grandmaster of Kentucky. The lodge continued to donate the bicycles after the first year because they want to encourage students to go to school and get an education.

The Poage branch of the Masonic Lodge has helped carry out the philanthropy for the last four years and plans to continue the event.