Marshals at Fannin

U.S. marshals were at the Fannin dealership Thursday morning.

SUMMIT U.S. marshals in bulletproof vests descended on the Fannin auto dealership on U.S. 60 Thursday morning armed with a court order.

The marshals were "executing a federal court order in a civil case," according to acting U. S. Marshal Tim Stec.

About half a dozen marshals were observed outside the dealership about 10:30 a.m. Thursday and several workers also were outside the dealership.

A source familiar with the operation said the marshals are searching paperwork at the dealership and that the order concerned missing automobiles.

Documents filed last month in federal court show the dealership being sued by Branch Banking and Trust, which claims the dealership defaulted on loans and owes the bank more than $17 million.

The bank filed documents with the suit alleging the dealership and its principals, Christopher and Gary Fannin, put up the dealership property, its inventory of vehicles and an assortment of personal possessions as collateral.

The possessions included an extensive firearms, jewelry, coins and currency collection, knives and a gun collection.

The suit alleges that when bank representatives showed up to take possession of the collateral, both Fannins threatened the with “bodily harm.”


 — Gary Fannin asked one of the representatives “to come up to his office to talk and that ‘he would come back in a box.’”

— Christopher Fannin threatened both representatives, saying “that he was going to ‘beat’ and/or ‘kick’ their ‘ass.’”

Christopher Fannin offered to guide one representative “to a spot on the lot and asked if he wanted ‘to go’ meaning to fight.

Christopher Fannin “threatened to ‘come to Florida’” where both representatives live.

The suit is asking a judge to award the bank the amount it says the dealership owes plus attorney and other costs.

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