CATLETTSBURG A Boyd County jury convicted and sentenced a man to serve four years in prison for being almost $90,000 behind in child support earlier this month. It took less than a day.

The jury of seven women and five men found William Curtis Conner, 49, of Rush, guilty of felony flagrant non-support of a child, after hearing testimony he was $86,989.96 behind as of November 2018.

Court records show Conner was ordered to pay $300 a month in child support to get caught up. However, authorities contended Conner never made good on his end of the bargain and subsequently indicted him the following year on a sole count of flagrant non-support, a felony punishable with up to five years in prison.

By the time the lunch break rolled around at his Nov. 8 trial, the jury had gone through selection, heard opening arguments, evidence and saw both the prosecution and defense rest — while every trial is different, that usually takes two days on a simple case.

After lunch break, according to court records, the jury heard the closing statements. After about an hour, they came back with their guilty verdict.

Conner is scheduled for formal sentencing before Judge John Vincent on Jan. 6, 2022. Vincent has the option to issue a lower sentence than the recommendation.

Conner was represented by defense attorney David M. Gibson, while the commonwealth was represented by assistant county attorney Patrick Hedrick.

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