When faced with the options of paying more for water, the city of Raceland has chosen to keep charges as low as possible.

Right now, that means entering into a contract for the first time in nearly 25 years with the city of Russell. By doing so, Raceland can purchase water for $2 per thousand gallons, instead of the $2.50 fee for buyers outside of a contract.

City Clerk Dianna Moore said the council had no trouble passing the vote to sign with Russell at its regular meeting Tuesday.

“They extended it to us out of appreciation, so they (the council) had no problem with passing a majority vote. It’s much better for the city to sign the contract for less per gallon,” she said.

The majority of Raceland’s water is purchased through the Russell, with a few residents buying from Flatwoods.

Russell has discussed approaching Flatwoods and Raceland with contracts during its previous meetings. After approving the final drafts of those contracts at Russell’s last meeting in March, city officials are now working on gaining signatures of both mayors.

It is expected that Flatwoods will discuss signing the contract at its next monthly meeting.

In other business for Raceland, Moore said the council passed a property tax increase of .004 percent for Raceland residents.

She said money collected through the tax increase will be added to the city’s general fund and be used to pay for incurred debts or other city needs.

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