This is the second of a two-part series on economy in Louisa. Part 1 was in Tuesday’s edition.

While the city of Louisa is growing, the city’s census and income numbers aren’t quite as impressive as the number of new businesses built, or planning to locate there, according to the Kentucky State Data Center.

In terms of population, Louisa has grown by less than 1 percent with 2,018 residents in 2000 compared to 2,071 in 2008, Ron Crouch, Kentucky State Data Center director, said.

“The numbers are a little better for Lawrence County,” said Crouch, explaining the county’s population has actually increased by nearly 5 percent during the past eight years with 16,322 residents in 2008 compared to 15,569 in 2000.

The county’s 4.9 percent growth is remarkably similar to the state’s population increase of 4.8 percent between 2000 and 2008, he said.

Of those living in the county, Crouch said 18.1 percent are olderthan 65, compared to a 12.5 percent average statewide, with 18.4 percent of those senior citizens living alone. More than 57 percent of the county’s 65-and-older crowd are also considered disabled, according to the state’s data.

Slightly more than 26 percent of Lawrence County’s families have children, according to state statistics, and more than 38 percent of the county’s population live alone, compared to 25 percent for the state average.

More than 63 percent of the county’s residents have a high school diploma, while 14.4 percent have a college degree, Crouch said.

“Lawrence County also has a poverty rate higher than average for the rest of the state,” he said, although home ownership in Lawrence County is greater than 70 percent.

While the county’s income statistics are better than those in many neighboring counties, Crouch said the county’s manufacturing statistics have dropped to negligible levels. An overwhelming majority of Lawrence County’s income is derived from service jobs, which increased from 371 in 1970 to 1,193 in 2000.

The number of Lawrence County jobs in general has grown slightly during the past six years, Crouch said, going from 4,508 in 2001 to 4,730 in 2006.

The average monthly income for Lawrence residents during the first three quarters of 2007 was $2,577, he said, although entry-level positions paid considerably less with an average of $1,523 per month.

Despite new companies moving into the county and creating jobs, the most interesting numbers for Lawrence County may come from “new hires” during the first nine months of 2007.

Crouch said 139 new jobs were created in Lawrence County during the first three quarters of 2007, while 129 positions were eliminated, resulting in a net increase of 10 positions. The county’s employment figures also reflected a 14.3 percent turnover rate during the same time frame, he said.

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