Garbage, food trucks collide on 60

A barrel is brought in Friday to catch leaking fuel after a garbage truck and a rig carrying food collided on US 60 in Coalton.

A garbage truck sideswiped a truck hauling food Friday on U.S. 60, snarling mid-morning traffic while emergency workers mopped up spilled diesel fuel.

The Rumpke garbage truck was empty but the Sysco Food Services truck and a trailer it was hauling were both full. The collision peeled the insulated siding away from the food truck and overturned the trailer, dumping boxes of bread, produce and paper products beside the road.

It also punctured the food truck’s diesel tank and about 300 gallons of the fuel spilled onto the road and ground, said Cannonsburg Fire Chief Richard Cyrus.

Firefighters and other emergency workers spread sand and sawdust on the road to soak up much of the diesel, Cyrus said. A contractor was to clean up the rest later, he said.

The contents of the food truck and trailer, much of it contaminated by the diesel spill, were to be quarantined and destroyed, Boyd County health inspector Suzanne Smith said.

The Rumpke driver, Timothy Bullion, suffered an injured arm and was taken to King’s Daughters Medical Center, said Dan Katt, a loss control manager for the company. The driver had just started his route and the truck was empty, Katt said.

Bullion was treated and released from King’s Daughters, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The trucks collided near the intersection of U.S. 60 with Addington Road. The westbound garbage truck drifted left of center and clipped the side of the food truck, Katt said.

Hazardous materials officials initially were concerned about possible ammonia leaks from the food truck’s refrigeration system, but testing showed the system remained intact, Cyrus said.

Traffic was restricted to one lane during the cleanup.

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