Holy Family students stack cups in the school gym Thursday as part of a project to break a Guinness record.

A world record may have been set Thursday, and if so, some students at Holy Family School are a part of it.

The record they are seeking is the most people stacking cups at one time. The 25 fourth- and fifth-graders were among close to 300,000 worldwide who took part in the record attempt. If the attempt is successful it will be enshrined in the Guinness Book of World Records.

They did it using special cups made for stacking, a quirky new sport in which participants arrange cups into pyramids and then take the formations back down.

The best stackers can do so with blinding speed, and the activity has become popular enough to be governed by a national body called the World Sport Stacking Association.

The record attempt had two requirements: Each participating group or school had to have at least 25 stackers and they had to keep stacking for half an hour, sometime during the day.

The record they are trying to beat was set last year when 276,053 participated. Holy Family wasn’t in the record attempt then.

“We’ve been wanting to break this record a long time,” said fourth-grader Seth Canterbury.

Physical education teacher Carol Kelley commandeered the entire gymnasium and the rest of the students watched from the bleachers as the stackers went through their paces. There were red, orange, green, purple and pink cups. There were even camouflage cups.

To keep the children charged up and to make sure everyone participated, Kelley put them in groups and organized relays. The children ran and stacked, jumped rope and stacked, did pushups and stacked.

Stacking cups improves eye-hand coordination and goes hand in hand with traditional sports like basketball and soccer, Kelley said.

“They love to do it, and the kids all want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records,” she said.

“It’s fun. You can see if you’re faster than your friends,” said fifth-grader Daniel Davidson.

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