After an extended construction period for a new Honda dealership in Ashland, Bill Cole invited area residents back to the dealership to get a first-hand view of the new showroom Thursday.

“We’re celebrating the end of our initial construction phase,” Cole said, explaining the renovation process required demolition of two buildings and construction of another following Honda’s most-current design.

“I like to joke this was an archeological dig,” Cole said, adding the building process revealed evidence of practically every business which had previously been at the site along Winchester Avenue.”

With more than two years in business locally, Cole said the Ashland market has proven to be a good place to sell cars.

“Ashland has been a good move and we’re tickled to death. We probably underestimated the disruption from the construction,” Cole said, noting the new dealership will bring plenty of automotive selections from Honda despite worldwide shortages compared to demand after natural disasters disrupted the automakers manufacturing and distribution networks.

“Because this is a new facility we will get 75 extra cars,” he said. “Our inventory of Hondas is going to be phenomenal.”

Cole said the dealership certainly faced challenges when he came to Ashland more than two years ago with no employees and no active business at that time. The business now employs 60 people, he said, with plenty of jobs still available in practically every department.

“We would hire 20 people tomorrow,” Cole said, noting positions are available for sales people, technicians, detailers and sales managers among others. “There’s almost not a part of the business without jobs.”

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