The eighth-grade band was playing its last hurrah Monday morning at Boyd County Middle School and Principal Bill Boblett thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if their parents could see them right here, right now?”

So he whipped out his cell phone, snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter.

More precisely, he posted it to the school’s newly launched Twitter page. That meant parents, or any other followers, for that matter, could take out their own phones or log on at their desk computers and see the shot — even if they were at work or at the store or in the middle of their morning housecleaning.

The school’s Twitter feed went live last week and so far Boblett has been posting short, punchy inspirational and motivational messages. In Twitter lingo, the postings are called “tweets.” But when school resumes in the fall, followers can expect more substance.

The messages will still be short — Twitter limits them to 140 characters or less — but can include event announcements, sports highlights, academic news or club happenings. “We want to communicate with parents in as many ways as possible,” Boblett said.

In the fall Twitter use will expand, with teachers taking part. Ultimately every school in the district will have a Twitter account and all faculty will use it.

“We’ve been looking for ways to improve communication. Parents are eager for more and more information,” said district technology coordinator Vickie Elswick.

In the past couple of years, Boyd schools have embraced the Infinite Campus notification system with mobile apps and have made teacher web pages on the district website mandatory. “We keep looking for things we haven’t tried and Twitter was something we hadn’t tried,” Elswick said.

Among Twitter’s advantages are it is free and learning to use it is easy.

It allows very quick, short, almost instantaneous updates on district matters and ensures information is disseminated, not stuffed in a backpack and forgotten.

To open an account go to the Twitter homepage, where there is a signup window. Enter name, email address and create a password.

The Twitter site has clear instructions about how to follow other users or post updates.

The Boyd County School District website has a link to the middle school Twitter page as well.

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