RUSSELL Venue at The Edge had an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday. Venue is a rustic industrial party and meeting venue located at 500 Diederich Blvd. in Russell. The property and venue are owned by area natives Kristie and Will Patterson, who graduated from Ashland and Greenup County, respectively.

Will Patterson operates his heating and air business in part of the large complex (a former Ashland Oil business facility) and Kristie Patterson operates the Venue.

The Venue accommodates events such as rehearsal dinners, weddings, assorted parties and corporate events in both large and small capacity rooms. In the case of weddings, Venue offers a collection of rooms where wedding parties are able to prepare for the special day. These rooms are independent and private, with additional restrooms for guests. Also included are large prep areas for catered food.

“The smaller area (Studio 54) is a place that is suitable for smaller events like graduations or showers of any sort and rehearsal dinners,” Kristie Patterson said. “The upstairs venue (Venue at The Edge) is more for things like corporate events. It holds up to 420 people with tables and chairs. I have corporate events and full weddings there, and the reception is right in the same place. It’s a much bigger space with a different look, sort of a rustic industrial look.”

Venue offers a full range of services to help people and businesses tailor their events to their needs. It allows for those using the space to utilize their own décor. If needed, decorations can be rented from Venue at a nominal additional fee.

Venue also serves business needs as well, making available large meeting rooms that can be used for training purposes. Patterson said she is always willing to work with businesses, and that she has a variety of potential solutions for both short- and long-term rentals and even office-sharing opportunities for those who only require office space on a less frequent basis. Patterson said parts of the complex are still undergoing renovations, and she would be willing to consider a “build to suit” opportunity for new business rentals.

Anyone interested in making use of the venue can contact them through the Venue at The Edge Facebook page or at or

(606) 326-2655 |

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