Guitar wizard Jimi Hendrix’s Marshall amplifier and Fender Jazzmaster guitar are up for auction at

Both pieces are highly collectible and expensive, but the fact Hendrix owned them added several thousands to their expected cost. The Jazzmaster is listed for $750,000. The Marshall, $350,000.

Paying that much for an amp or a guitar is a disgrace. If you added together the value of my house and my car, it still wouldn’t come near the expected cost of that guitar.

Let me be clear: I love my rock music and I love Hendrix. I’m still a little jealous of a girl I met in college who was named Mary after “The Wind Cries Mary,” which is a great song and a beautiful poem all in one. And how do you not do a little 1960s-style head-banging to “Fire?” (1960s-style headbanging is much more gentle than the kind that started in the 1980s, but still involves a lot of bobbin’ of the noggin.) Plus, we all feel cool when we listen to “Purple Haze,” no matter how nerdy I am.

How much money is a person worth if they can afford to pay that much for what is likely to be a collectible? If you buy it, would you put it behind glass and brag about it to house guests or would you actually use that amp or guitar? I really don’t know, so if there are any 1-percenters who pay too much for stuff they never use, please let me know what you would do with Jimi’s equipment.

I don’t understand collecting things, anyway. I have tried to collect a few things and I get bored with it. Plus, now that I am responsible for keeping my house clean (not that I’m successful), I realize having “things” sitting around just means your dusting has become nightmarish. The only thing you can do about that is devoted time, energy and products to wiping down each “thing” on a weekly basis, foregoing something else that would be more fun to do.

Or just don’t dust.

Or you could use all that money you put ito collecting “things” toward something you can use and something that is for good. Donate to charity. Learn a skill. Travel. Throw a party for all your true friends.

Most of us don’t really need anything except to replenish our pantries and our toilet paper stash.

And what do we really want? I don’t know about anyone else, but all I really want is a swimming pool, but I have access to swimming pools, and I can live with that.

Having “the things” that belonged to an artist doesn’t make you an artist, nor does it make you closer to the artist. The music is out there for the hearing. Why not just enjoy it and use the obscene amount of money for something helpful — or to be someone helpful.

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