COVID-19 has brought so many profound, life-changing revelations that life will never be the same, at least, for me.

We have become accustomed to thorough hand-washing. At least, I hope we have.

Before the pandemic, I was careful to wash my hands for 30 seconds because I learned to do so when I had food-service training. Now I can’t help but notice how long someone washes his or her hands when I’m within earshot of the faucet.

For those nice people who have had to close their restaurants, it’s scary times. I understand that. In fact, I have made an effort to purchase a dinner or two from them, my small way to trying to keep them going.

Restaurant problems got me thinking about how close we sit with others when we dine in. I’ve been in such tight spaces with others I could feel their breath on me. I bet my food could feel their breath, too. I’m not sure I’m going to want to sit that close for breakfast, lunch or dinner when the pandemic is over.

Many have refused to wear masks. I have been lucky to keep my mask-wearing to a minimum because I’m staying home so much. But I have been thinking those people who advocate wearing a mask during the regular flu season are right. Why not? Do I really want to be breathed on when there’s a virus going around? Or at any time? No, I do not. Wearing a mask might not keep others from breathing on me, but I hope it signals my respect for my neighbor, who might not want me breathing on him or her. Maybe others will get the hint.

The pandemic has made we aware of how many germs can be passed by gassing up the car. I plan to keep rubber gloves in the car from now on so when it’s time to fill up, I will have newfound protection.

I have ridiculed those who call in their grocery orders and pick them up rather than going into the store and choosing their own items. How silly, I would think. Who doesn’t have time to grocery-shop? To those people: I’m so sorry. I was completely wrong. Ordering groceries is the single greatest achievement in the history of shopping.

Except that you can get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep.

There is a service that will shop at select stores on your behalf and actually drive to your house with your stuff. I especially like it because this old lady has a difficult time hauling the heavy items down the steps that lead to my house. Not only can you keep yourself away from the breeding grounds of the coronavirus, but you can save yourself time and steps with grocery delivery.

Not only can you get groceries delivered, you can get medications, pet food, toiletries, Christmas gifts, appliances, clothing and just about anything else you want or need delivered. If you want to shop locally, you can make arrangements with the maker and, in some cases, you can get curbside service.

Years ago, neighbors got together for parties or just to visit. I remember visiting my grandmother’s friends, just to sit and talk. Of course, I did little talking because that was a visit for them, not me. I had to sit there and behave myself. That’s where I learned patience.

In fact, visiting was a crucial social activity for many, until the 1980s, when that kind of socialization dwindled. Not sure why, but I miss having people visit and play with the dog, maybe even have dinner or watch a movie.

On the other hand, if nobody’s coming over, there’s no pressure to get housework done.

I guess I need a little company.

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